Industrial Raw Materials

In addition to water treatment chemicals, Gulbrandsen Technologies (GTI) produces a comprehensive line of high quality, metal-based products that are used in the industrial sector as a key raw material for the manufacture of finished goods.  The industries that utilize our products include, but are not limited to:  adhesives, paper production, paints, dyes, and tints.  Our products have also been used as a cracking catalyst in mining/drilling operations.

Our customers in the industrial sector buy from GTI because we are able to solve their key raw material challenges: 

-       their need for high-quality raw materials that consistently meet a set of high-grade specifications

-       their need to receive material with a short lead-time in order to keep the production line moving without interruption

-       their need for a supplier who can respond quickly and provide quick, accurate resolutions to the challenges that arise in their daily operations